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Learn Caligraphy in Yangshuo with Village Inn

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Calligraphy means the beautiful writing. It's a well respected art to the Chinese people. It's not only a method of communication, but also a symbol of spirit. In the old days, Chinese calligraphy was once a critical standard for the Chinese literati. They developed more and more styles. The Lishu style is regularized and similar to the modern text. The Kaishu style is even more regularized and still in use at present. The Cursive styles such as Xingshu and Caoshu are written rapidly.

Our Yangshuo boutique hotel offers calligraphy classes at guest's request. To master this art you should be confident, careful, and practice it as often as you can. By controlling the concentration of ink, the thickness and absorption of the paper, and the flexibility of the brush, the expression can be extremely creative. Please let us know if you would like the Village Inn to arrange classes for you as a cultural part of your Yangshuo tour.