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Cormorant fishing show in Yangshuo

Experience the last of a dying tradition on the Yulong River

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On the banks of the nearby Yulong river, you can sometimes spot corporant fishermen around dusk or early morning. This ancient fishing technique still survives here, though it is mostly to show tourists. The fisherman keeps the cormorant, a diving bird similar to a pelican, on a string and uses a metal ring around its neck so that when it catches a large fish it can't swallow it. The fisherman then reels in the bird and takes the large fish, rewarding the cormorant with smaller fish.

If you'd like to arrange to see the cormorant fishermen, we can ask our sister hotel, the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat to pick you up and bring you there. You can even have dinner at the Retreat right on the river bank and watch the sun set. It's an amazing experience.