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Yangshuo Liu Sanjie performance on the Li River

A must-see spectacle from Zhao Yimou near Village Inn

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This famous water staged-show in Yangshuo had its premier in 2004 and is billed to be the largest natural stage in the world. The Liu Sanjie performance (The Three Liu Sisters) was created and choreographed by legendary Chinese director, Zhang Yimou, who also created and directed the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

The Liu Sanjie light show outdoor amphitheatre is located about 2 km from West Street and the show is performed on the Li River itself. Twelve karst hills are illuminated, highlighting the area's natural geological wonders as a backdrop to the stage. The show can appear different each performance, as mist, rain, clouds and varying moonlight naturally alter the set of the stage. Liu Sanjie light show features more than 600 local people, who are mainly farmers, fisherman and young children from surrounding villages to perform to an audience of up to 10,000.

The show is performed every night of the week except during periods of heavy rain. The show runs Mon-Fri from 8 pm, however in high season and weekends there are two shows, one starts at 7.30 pm and the final show at 9 pm. Liu Sanjie tickets are available through Yangshuo Village Inn reception, or through travel agencies in Yangshuo. The ticket price does not include transport, but we can arrange a taxi for drop off and pick up, or you can catch an electric car from West Street in Yangshuo.

Liu Sanjie is a love story about a woman named Liu Sanjie, which means "third sister Liu". Her voice was so beautiful that it moved everyone who heard it. Born in the town of Liuzhou and working on the family farm with her two sisters, the legend is that a warlord falls in love with Sanjie but she is already in love with a man from her village. The warlord does not accept this and kidnaps her, but Liu Sanjie's lover and friends from the village set out to rescue her and the couple escape, living happily ever after.

Tickets for the Liu sanjie show, (also called Sanjie Liu, Impression Sanjie Liu and Liu sanjie river show or Liu sanjie light show) are available at Yangshuo Village Inn and our sister hotel, the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat.

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