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Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang, 541907, China
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The best Yangshuo coffee and coffee shops

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Over the years there has become a steady increase in the quality Yangshuo coffee. Now there are some places available that serve really good cups of coffee with beans from all over the world. From laid back chilled cafés to slightly more up-market establishments Yangshuo has a great variety of places to drink a fresh cup of coffee and refreshing Chinese teas. So if you're in need of that caffeine boost or you want to try a Dragon Well or Silver Needle then check out the following cafés.

The Balcony
These guys make a great cup of coffee and have some interesting teas on the menu such as rose bud tea. They also have delicious French Crepes with a range of great fillings. The furnishings may not be as comfortable as the other two mentioned above but the friendly staff and chilled tunes make for a relaxing break.

The Best Coffee Yangshuo
Serving coffee from all over the world this place is squeezed between two shops on West Street with décor that is slightly colonial but comfortable.

The Soul Cafe
A hip establishment serving good coffee and a range of fine wines and cigars. Look out for the picture on the wall of a women in a traditionally Chinese posture. Located on Guihua Road this place takes you away from the hustle and bustle of West Street.

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