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Yangshuo, the land of poets, is set in a fairyland surrounding of enchanting karst mountains and rivers. It is a dream-like China landscape immortalized by numerous painters and poets. The village itself has been here since ancient times. Established as a county in the Sui Dynasty in 590 AD, Yangshuo has always inspired artists throughout its history and became one of the most popular backpacker havens in Asia in the 1980's. Of course, the major reason travelers come here is to gaze at the beautiful Yangshuo scenery, but once here you will discover that Yangshuo has a lot more to offer and that it's a nice place to experience Chinese culture. Traces of its long history are found all over the county in architecture, stone caves, ancient bridges, but also in traditions.

Yangshuo County is home to several ethnic minority groups of Zhuang, Yao, Dong and Miao. Although wearing traditional clothes in daily life has almost disappeared around here (it's still very common a bit further north), it is obvious to see differences in the ethnic groups. The majority of people in Yangshuo are from the Zhuang nationality and are related to the Thai. They have their own language which is still spoken in some villages, although most local people will speak a dialect of mandarin, which they call Yangshuo hua.

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Apart from the famous China festivals like Spring Festival (Chun Jie), Moon Festival and Tomb Sweeping Day (Qing Ming Jie), the Yangshuo people also celebrate their local special days. Now some new festivals come up which also give people more happiness and show the rich yangshuo culture, such as Fishing Lights Festival. Experiencing the atmosphere during one of these celebrations provides a memorable experience to your Yangshuo tour.

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Yangshuo local culinary specialties will certainly be a unique adventure for anyone traveling here for the first time. There are some famous noodle dishes that are very tasty and also not to be missed is the wonderful Yangshuo beer fish.This region is also well known for its local fruits, such as sweet oranges and persimmon, water chestnuts and Pomelo (a kind of grapefruit) as well as the best taro and red chilies in China.