Yangshuo Village Inn
No. 26 Moon Hill Village, Gaotian Town
Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang, 541907, China
+8615977364111 |+867738778169
+86 773 8778299

Yangshuo mobile phone and postal Services info

Like the banks in Yangshuo, the mobile phone services are all located near each other. They can be found on Pantao Lu, opposite the entrance to West Street. Click on the name of the company to be taken to our Yangshuo map.

Mobile Phone Service

China Mobile
China Mobile is located next to China Post. Here you can buy sim cards and top up vouchers for your mobile phone.

China Telecom
Offers similar services to both China Mobile and China Unicom and is located on the right of the others.

China Unicom
Sandwiched between China Mobile and China Telecom is China Unicom offering the similar services.

Yangshuo Internet Access
In some of the restaurants in Yangshuo you can get access to the internet including Drifters, 7Th Heaven, & The Here. If you have your laptop then wireless is also widely available. There is also an internet café on Chengzhong Lu.

Yangshuo Post Office
China Post
China Post is next to China Mobile, opposite the entrance to West Street.