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Yangshuo Weather

Climate and weather in Yangshuo and Guilin China

Many guests ask about the best time in terms of Yangshuo weather to visit?

A: A good time to visit is in April/May. It's not very hot yet (daytime temperatures 20-30 degrees) and quite some clear days. It is also the planting season for the rice, so there's
a lot too see on the countryside (note: 1st week of May is national holiday and very busy).

Another very good time for Yangshuo weather is in October/November when the summer heat has gone, but the days are often very clear and sunny. Daytime temperatures from 20-30 degrees. This is harvest season, so also plenty to see on the countryside (note: 1st week of October is national holiday and very busy).

Winters are cold (0-7c at night) and misty during the day (8-15C). The nice thing is that there are few tourists, prices are lower and our hotel has heat in the rooms.

Something to keep in mind about Yangshuo weather is that there are cloudbursts in the hot humid summers, so it's a good idea to keep a light rain jacket if you're heading out for the day on a bike or on foot, and have a compact umbrella if spending a day in town. 

Another thing about the weather in Yangshuo China is that because of the damp in winter, it's good to have a pair of long underwear on particulary cold days and nights, as the air feels colder than it really is - think Ireland or Scotland!

For specific recommendations on Yangshuo weather, you can email us at reservations@yangshuoguesthouse.com