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  • Yulong river from Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, Yangshuo China

The Yulong River (Dragon River) rafting trips

From Dragon Bridge to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

The Yulong River is a small tributary of the larger Li River in Southeastern Gungxi Zhuang Province, and runs through the major city of Guilin to Yangshuo. The Yulong starts in Northern Yangshuo County near Litang and runs for over 35km through small villages of the Yulong River Valley, including Putao, Litang, Chaolong, Yima and Gaotian town, before emptying into the Li around the town of Ping Le. The Yulong is a shallow river of around 5 meters maximum depth and an average of 25 meters across. As it is not located near any industrial areas, it is clean enough for swimming, though some brownish surface foam is visible in eddys, likely the result of agrigultural runoff from local villages. Unlike the busy Li River, it has no motorized boat traffic and relies completely on bamboo rafts to ferry passengers down river. This has become a popular tourist activity, with passengers beginning their journey that the Yulong Bridge, a 600 year-old example of a classical Chinese stone arch style. The river just North of the Yulong brigde is also a natural swimming area, with clear pools and gentle currents.

Yangshuo Village Inn or our sister hotel, Yangshuo Mountain Retreat can help arrange Yulong River bamboo rafting trips at a fair price, which will save guests from having to haggle with local touts. For more information, please contact us at 0773 8777 091.