Yangshuo Village Inn
No. 26 Moon Hill Village, Gaotian Town
Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang, 541907, China
+8615977364111 |+867738778169
+86 773 8778299

Shaxi Old Theatre Inn, Shaxi Yunnan China

The heritage Shaxi Yunnan hotel in Duan Village

  • Barley fields in front of Shaxi Old Theatre Inn - Yunnan China

This #1 TripAdvisor rated family-owned inn is a secret favorite of Shaxi Yunnan travelers in the know. Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Village Inn designer Chris Barclay recently renovated this property as well as the nearby historic Pear Orchard Temple. As partner of Old Theatre Inn, Chris is working with local government on a strategic sustainable development plan for this unspoiled valley in the foothills of the Himalaya.

Find out more at ShaxiChina.com or OldTheatreInn.com

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