Yangshuo Village Inn
No. 26 Moon Hill Village, Gaotian Town
Yangshuo, Guangxi, 541907, China
+86 773 8778299

The Yangshuo boutique hotel at Moon Hill

Unique rustic chic experience among Yangshuo hotels

  • 月亮村(历村)村景, 阳朔听月楼, 阳朔中国

Located in the heart of Moon Hill village in beautiful Yangshuo China, this charming family-run hotel offers guests stunning views from eight beautifully decorated rooms and an unforgettable rooftop dining experience. Yangshuo Village Inn is an excellent alternative to staying in Yangshuo town. With shady pomelo groves, mud brick houses and sub-tropical forest surrounding the guesthouse, this is the perfect getaway from noisy downtown.

  • Luna menu, Yangshuo Village Inn, Yangshuo China

Luna: our Yangshuo restaurant

One of the highlights of your stay will include our Luna rooftop restaurant. Specializing in Italian food our chefs are trained by an Italian chef and make mouth watering al dente pasta dishes, the best thin crust pizzas in China and crispy, fresh salads prepared with traditional Italian dressings.

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What does our Yangshuo hotel offer?

At the Yangshuo Village Inn our wonderful staff from local villages are able to help you plan your Yangshuo travel experience through our travel booking arrangements which include flights, trains and buses. We can also organize activities such as guided caving, kayaking, bamboo river raftingand tickets to the inspression Liu Sanjie performance set on the Li River.

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Additionally our Yangshuo hotel features a romantic fireplace lounge, internet café & snack bar, free Wi-Fi, antique décor, down comforters, custom-built bamboo furniture, full-service China travel arrangements and the friendliest staff in Yangshuo. We have many services such as mountain bike rental, a free shuttle to Yangshuo and our sister hotel, the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and much more.