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Guilin train tickets - bus tickets and schedule

Train to Guilin

The closest train station to Yangshuo is Guilin. The train station is an easy 10 min. walk from Guilin's bus station situated on Zhongshan Nan Lu.All trains run daily. This information is subject to change it is here to give you a rough guide on destinations that connect with Guilin and should always be checked with appropriate authorities

If you wish to book train tickets via one of Yangshuo's local agents please be aware that you will have to give them at least 3 days notice in order to organize the tickets for you.

AC: Air conditioning

S.E.: Special Express, trains beginning with the letter "T", ("tekuai" in Chinese). These are the fastest and best-equipped trains, all with air-conditioning, and also the most expensive. Most of the international trains are included in this group.

Express: Trains beginning with the letter "K", ("kuaisu" in Chinese.) They all have air conditioning. Most of the trains in China are now included in this group.

Fast: Trains with only numbers, no letters. Some have air conditioning (noted on the timetable as AC). In Chinese these are called "pukuai".

Snail Train: These trains are extremely slow, stop at almost every station, and have poor facilities. In Chinese they are called "manche". There are very few Snail Trains operating in China now.

For the Guilin train schedule, please download the PDF below.

  • Guilin bus to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Guilin-Yangshuo Bus

Guilin – Yangshuo
Guilin's bus station is a 10 min walk from Guilin's train station, situated on Zhongshan Nanlu. Express buses depart from Guilin central bus station every 20 min from 7 am to 8 pm. Tickets can be bought at the ticket office at the entrance hall of the bus station or inside the bus station at a smaller ticket office on the left or right hand side (depending on the time of day) of the waiting hall that is on the right as you walk towards the buses. The price (at time of writing) for the express bus ticket is 15 RMB or 17 RMB including luggage insurance. The bus journey takes 1.5 hours to Yangshuo. After 8 pm there are local buses departing in front of the train station for 14 RMB.

If you arrive by train in Guilin and walk through the car park at the front of the train station you will often be approached by local bus conductors. They will often shout "to Yangshuo!" These are local buses which means they drive slowly and stop continuously all the way to Yangshuo. They are also normally not as comfortable as the express buses and will often try to charge foreigners slightly more. The going rate at time of writing is 15 RMB which is the same as an express bus anyway.

Yangshuo - Guilin
The central bus station in Yangshuo is situated on Pantao Road. Take a "quai ban" (express bus) to Guilin which departs every 20 min. The journey to Guilin takes 1.5 hours and tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in the bus station for 15 RMB or for 17 RMB which includes luggage insurance for the journey (prices are at time of writing)

Long distance bus journeys
If you are planning to continue your trip by bus to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanning etc. you can book your ticket through local travel agents . Most of the buses depart in Yangshuo directly and are sleeper buses. A greater choice of bus types and times depart from Guilin, but you can also book the tickets through a Yangshuo local agent.