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The Brew (formerly Alley Bar), moved to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat in 2019. The Brew is one of the longest living Yangshuo restaurants under the guidance of Andy - a long-time Yangshuo chef from Austria. Andy is himself a great cook and makes excellent breads, pasta, steaks, burgers and salads with homemade sauces. He also makes outstanding home brewed beer, so be sure to ask him about it. The Brew offers excellent homemade beer (check with Andy on the monthly offering), Guizhou brewed TripSmith, US Goose Island, Beer Lao, local bottles German weizen and some of the best western food in Yangshuo.

Address: Yulong River Road, 1.5km from the turn-in at Gongnong Bridge off the G321 Hwy.
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Originally run by Wuhan native Wu Wei and his fiance Emma from the UK, DEMO is a very local style bar. Featuring Tripsmith craft beer from neighboring Guizhou Province, DEMO serves world-class IPAs, amber ales, pilsners, porters and stouts. There is occasional live music and best of all in good weather you can sit out on the terrace overlooking the Li River and mountains. Great pizza and homemade snacks too!

Address: Long Tou Shan wharf, under the covered walking marking street Yangshuo


is a great late night place, popular with foreign residents and people in the know. There's a foosball table, great music and a chill vibe. A place where people tend to shop up after 9:00pm or later, usually after a few drinks elsewhere.

Address:Lianfeng Alley (halfway down West Street on the South side)


Monkey Jane's Rooftop Bar is a an institution among Yangshuo bars. It's a 4-story climb up to the rooftop where beer pong, thumping music and young backpackers mix until the late hours.

Address: No.27 Lianfengzhong alley just off the middle of West Street


Looking for cheap bombers of Tsingtao Beer? Enjoy hanging with friendly climbing folk? A high-stakes game of fussball? Rusty Bolt is the Yangshuo Bar for you! Located on Guihua Lu not far from the little bridge, the Rusty Bolt is a favorite among Yangshuo bars for climbers, local residents and climbers. They tend to open after 7pm, but there's plenty of restaurants neaby if you want to have dinner first before heading over. Monkey Jane's Rooftop Bar

Address: Top of Guihua Lu, just diagonal from the McDonalds


If you're into North Korean revolutionary kitsch, foosball and cheap drinks, this is the place for you. The DMZ Bar Yangshuo is friendly, grotty, and perfectly located within staggering distance of many local restaurants. Not able to make it home? No problem, the DMZ Hostel is right nearby. They also offer tours to Yangshuo caves and around the back roads on motorbike. You can check out their website here. Address: #41 Guihua Lu on the canal

Address: #41 Guihua Lu on the canal side


Located in the heart of Yangshuo, the Cave Bar Yangshuo has a decent pool table, two foosball tables, bumper pool table and many table top games. There is a gym in the back. It's a little hard to find but fun once you're inside: Go through the courtyard of the former Xi Jie Foreign language school and pass through the new restaurant. Head all the way to the back and turn left down the stairs to the lower level.

Address: #7 Guihua Lu, next to the English school